Swimming with the Sharks



This morning my little family woke up at 4:30, had a warm cup of tea, a bit of blueberry porridge, and we headed for the Haleiwa Boat Harbor.

We met up with our friends at OneOcean Diving, and headed off shore.

A couple miles outside Papailoa we tied up to a mooring ball and slipped into the water.

About fourteen good sharks met us there, happy as can be, playful and friendly. No cages no chum, just a relaxed morning swim with our buddies.

yum                    Unknown

Being in the open ocean surrounded by good size sharks is trippy. You’d think it would be frightening, but the feeling in the water is just peaceful and amazing.

There’s some little games of ‘chicken’ where the six foot sharks (the dominant ones) want to test your reflexes. They swim straight at you, do a little juke, and observe how you react. Just playing like doggies.

Twenty minutes in a different beast came to say hello. Pushing eight feet. Maybe twice the girth as the sandbar sharks we were hanging with, a nice fat Galapagos came into the dance.

Our guide Kori swam down and touched him. I was inspired. I want to do that, power up, make that connection. Next time.


When it was time to go, I felt satisfied, but I also felt like I could hang out for hours out there. Floating. Watching. Interacting.

What a cool experience. We got back to shore and had the whole day still in front of us. Turned the heater on in the car. Got Aukai to school ten minutes before the first bell.  Smiles all around.

Sharkies, we will return.




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