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My name is Dusty Middleton.  I live on the north shore of Oahu, towards the center of the Pacific Ocean.  I’m 34 years old.  I teach a weekly class called “Yoga for a Calm Mind” at our family studio in Haleiwa.  I write fiction and non-fiction with aspirations to be well received by the literary world.  I think that humans could learn plenty from looking back a couple hundred years, and that if the future generations are to live the good life, we need to work hard to trim much of American Culture’s bad habits.

Good Habits include: smiling.  listening.  cooking.  growing food.  bicycling.  making music.  reading.  being curious.  helping strangers.  helping family.

…that’s a small list.  Please add more that you think of, and make it a habit to live a life of good habits.


Ok –  you can learn more about me by reading any one of the stories on this web house.  Enjoy




family beach


Waimea March. copy




One thought on “Bio

  1. Hey buddy, I’m with you on the “American Culture’s Bad Habits.” Come on down to OCCC with me one day, or even Halawa. They’d love it if you smiled and listened to them.


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