For Whom the Bell Tolls

a mermaidErnestHemmingway_ForWhomTheBellTolls

As a teenager I got into reading Earnest Hemingway.  This was the first full novel of his that I read, and half a lifetime later… it’s probably time for me to read it again.  The first and last line of the book are identical.  The intensity throughout is authentic.

I remember reading a quote from Earnest, from much later on in his life, when he returned again to Spain, and he was crossing a border in the same area where the book takes place.  And the border guards recognized his name, and he had a sinking feeling that his old adversaries  were gonna put him in jail or worse… but the border patrol soldiers brought out old copies of For whom the bell tolls and respectfully asked him for his autograph.

Hemingway was a rare American.  He embraced other languages and cultures… and wrote some fine novels and short stories.  I tip my hat to you sir, and thank you for your inspiration.


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