I love traveling.

Though I don’t get to do trips every year, I’ve worked hard to adventure here and there throughout my adult life.  Sometimes it’s just inter-island-  I kind of enjoy those the best.

But adventures to far away lands, learning about other cultures, speaking other languages, being innocent and wide eyed in another part of our world is so good for the brain.

Not all my travels have been surf related.  It’s easier to travel light and have no expectations.  Sometimes the best surf sessions happen out of the blue.  Someone offers you a board to use….   Someone whispers there’s good waves to be found just a few miles north…

Traveling with surfboards isn’t easy.  Especially if you don’t know how you’ll get from point A to point B with a giant board bag.  Some of my luckiest adventures though have depended on me bringing my own big boards.

People come to the North Shore of Oahu from all over the planet.  And I’ve learned that welcoming strangers with Aloha, making friends here in my home opens amazing opportunities to cross the globe and be welcomed in as family in far away lands.

Photo by Alfredo Escobar

Photo by Alfredo Escobar


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