North Shore Molokai

A magical place.

I’ve been lucky over the years to have had countless adventures along this incredible coastline.  Sailing canoes, kayak camping, heavy surf adventures, and fishing boat heaven.


In my book, The High Line, I end the story here, Waikolu and Kalaupapa.  The dream of a University, and a happy community living on this powerful land.

My friend Aaron Gold told us of a story of an acquaintance of his, an older guy, who had gone feral and spent some years back in those steep valleys, living off the land and just moving at his own pace.  Observing the land.  Observing the ocean.  He was a competent surfer, and he witnessed things back there, looking down from thousand foot cliffs that blew his mind.

That little story is one I’d like to delve deeper into.  One human, alone, on such formidable terain.  One human in their own reality, and shocked at what they see.  A tiny creature standing alone on the edge of huge cliffs, staring down in wonder.

I’ve spent just the blink of an eye, solo, hiking above this coastline.  I felt ghosts all around me.  In one stretch of thick forest I almost lost my sense of direction, the trail disappeared and I found myself getting claustrophobic, tight jungle around me and what felt like eyes watching me.

In Hawaiian mythology, the Goddess Hi’iaka spent time here, battling the evil Kikipua.  But the mo’o woman, wasn’t destroyed, only shoved deep into a cave and put under lock and key.  Her essence is still there.  The power is substantial.


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