The Ho’o mama

Traveling across the kingdom of Hawaii.  A slow diesel crawl of 12 knots.  Good lures back a hundred feet, skimming along the surface, teasing the beasts, tempting huge fish to dance.


Dusty's magical adventures 247mahi

My good friend Captain Freed inherited his grandfather’s fishing boat.  It’s a thirty foot ‘Banana Patch’.  A small, strong boat designed for the heavy seas around Oahu.

And over the years we’ve put her to good use.

Some of my best travels have been by boat.  And some of the most exciting, on the Ho’oMaMa.


Years ago we spent a few weeks traveling north west.  Surfing and Fishing.  One of our most memorable adventures.  We surfed a fifteen foot swell off the west side of Niihau.  We slaughtered fish and partied hard on Kauai.  It was a great time.

Dusty's magical adventures 233Dusty's magical adventures 246


The boat has spent most of its life based out of Kaneohe Yacht Club, and aiming east towards Molokai and Maui.

She’s tackled some unforgiving seas.  Freed had to fiberglass over the cabin windows, after they were blown out during a twenty foot swell.

One night, under heavy anchorage, the swim step tore loose, and Freed and I had to spend a dangerous half hour slamming, trying to disconnect and save the sharp, snapped metal.

We’ve battled through huge storms, the diesel Cummings overheating, the boat groaning like she might not survive.  But we always made it.

Being able to spend days and weeks at sea, hiding in Lahaina during dangerous weather, exploring, dropping anchor next to unknown waves, sleeping on the flying bridge and watching night marchers scale the cliffs of Lehua.

Reeling in amazing fish, and feeling alive.  What a fine adventure.

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